Cafeteria Services
VegetablesThe school cafeteria is open to students for the purchase of both breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast hours are from 7:30 AM to 7:55 AM.  Free/Reduced Meal Applications are available in the Cafeteria, Primary and High School Offices or on the school website. 


The cafeteria operates on a debit card system.  Parents may deposit any amount of money into their child’s cafeteria account any day of the week.  As items are purchased in the cafeteria, the purchase amounts are deducted from the account balance. Please ensure that your child has sufficint funds in their cafeteria account to cover purchases.  Register at to access your child's cafeteria account deposit funds, set spending limits or check account balances.  Together we can save frustration for your chid and expedite the cafeteria line.   Current meal prices are as follows:
Cost of Breakfast for students in Pre-K-12    
Cost of Lunch for students in Pre-K-6        
Cost of Lunch for students 6-12                           $2.05
The cafeteria menu is subject to change without advance notice.  Pre-payment for meals is encouraged; while, charging is discouraged.  Students with unpaid account balances over 3 meals charged ($7) will receive alternate meals.  Lunch menus will be sent home with your child each month, or the information may be accessed from our website. Students are encouraged to bring healthy foods to school for lunch or snacks.  (Soda pop is not an acceptable beverage.)  Cafeteria staff may limit the quantity of ice cream or snack items being purchased by students.

Free/Reduced Meal Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the school year.  Questions call  Sheri Frail at 569-5200 ext. 5263 or