Having trouble getting on the internet and or accessing Google?

chromebook  with your Chromebook?
1.     Have you done a hard restart?
               a.     Hold the power button (upper right hand corner of key board) power  until the screen goes black and little blue light
                       under screen goes out.
               b.     Press power button to turn back on.
2.      Have you cleared your Chromebook’s browser history?  
               a.    Click on the time in bottom right corner of the screen
               b.    Click on settings
               c.     Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the blue words show advanced settings.
               d.     Scroll down to the black words that say Privacy.
               e.     Click on the second gray box under Privacy that says Clear browsing data.
               f.       A clear browsing data screen will come up.  At the top change to “the beginning of time”.  On the bottom right hand                                   corner the box will say clear browsing data.  Click on it. Wait until finished. Close window.
3.      If at home have you connected to your internet?
               a.     Click the internet symbol in the bottom right corner of screen.  internet
               b.     Choose the connection for your home internet.
               c.     If your internet requires a password, enter your password.
4.      Have you logged into the internet?
               a.     This needs to be done once every 24 hours.  When you use your internet at home you need to log on with your school                                information.
               b.     To log into the internet go to a website.      
                            i.      Example - or
               c.     Once you have gone to a website the lightspeed log in screen will appear.
               d.     Log in using your school login.
                            i.      Username – first initial of first name and complete last name (all lowercase)
                                              Ex. Brandy Smith’s username would be bsmith
                            ii.      Password – last name (all lower case) and student number
                                              Ex. Brandy Smith’s password would be smith23054
5.      Have you checked for updates?
               a.     Click on time (bottom right corner of screen).
               b.     Click on settings
               c.     Once in settings go to top center of screen and click on About Chrome OS.
               d.     Go to the left of screen and click on second gray box that says check for and apply updates.
               e.    Once updates are complete click on green restart button.